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In 2008, the 100-year Olympic Games has made China a world-renowned dream. China's Olympic athletes have won the gold medal first, so we feel extremely honored and proud! Every Olympic Games, there must be a good opportunity for collection. Each Olympic Games will set off the thermal effects of Olympic collections, such as Olympic posters, badge commemorative coins, etc., and become a highlight in the market. "2012 Olympic Stamp Commemorative Coin" will mark major Olympic projects on commemorative coins and stamps. Love will win. Whether it is in the mall or in life, the spirit of the Olympic Games is the most precious for everyone. The "London Olympic Stamps Collection" can send friends, wishing them to go forward with courage and courage in the life of the road, send cooperation. Partners, using the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone to cooperate and win together. 2012 Olympic Stamp Commemorative Coin,

[Collection style]

29 pieces of the full set of Olympic commemorative coins 8 London Olympic mascot medals 30 pieces of the Olympic stamps * The collection is ultimately based on the actual object,

[Collection composition]

A full set of 30 London Olympic stamps. London Olympic Stamps Complete set of London Olympic commemorative coins 29. Each commemorative coin weighs 8 grams and has a diameter of 27.30 millimeters.

The full set of the London Olympic emblem mascot medals 8 pieces.

A total of 67 pieces of the three largest.

[London Olympics Stamp Encyclopedia Value Analysis]

Complete rare one-time issue of a full set of 29 Olympic commemorative coins, a full set of 8 Olympic emblems and mascot badges, which are the core elements of the Olympic Games. They are extremely rare and precious, and the content is full of hard-to-finish for centuries. It is called extremely rare and complete. The full set of the Olympic Games!

Authoritatively issued by the International Olympic Committee, authorized by the London Olympic Organizing Committee, the British Royal Mint, the British Royal Mail Group issued an authoritative, each package with London Olympics licensed merchandise anti-counterfeiting labels, authoritative is nothing wrong.

Double attributes have Olympic commemorative attributes and currency attributes.

【Certification authority】

The "2012 Olympic Stamp Commemorative Coin" was authorized by the London Olympic Organizing Committee and was minted by the British Royal Mint.

The anti-counterfeit label for licensed products at the London Olympics.

London 2012 Olympics Licensed Product Collection Certificate London 2012 Olympics Licensed Product Collection Certificate Positive London 2012 Olympics Licensed Product Collection Certificate Back Related London Olympics Collection:

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