OBEG Ou Biqian Women's Autumn 2012 New Products Show


OBEG Originated in Hong Kong at the end of the 1940s, OBEG was founded by Gloria Windsor, an independent woman from the British giants. The synonym of "show, beauty, participation, happiness" reflects the outstanding charm of women's elegant fashion. Adhering to the elegant, stylish, refined and tasteful English style, we are always committed to creating and providing high-quality fashion lifestyles to our target customers.

OBEG Ou Biqian Women's Autumn 2012 New Products Show

OBEG Ou Biqian Women's Autumn 2012 New Products Show

Brand Style
OBEG advocates the concept of “Design Life of Beauty”, adhering to the simple and elegant design style, fully interpreting the modern urban white-collar workers: Confident optimistic, elegant fashion, elegant taste, rich and individualized exquisite lifestyle, and providing suitable and elegant workplace women with different suitability Dressing needs for the occasion.

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